Digital Payment Gateways Multi Payment Channels in one platform

AilePay makes it easier for any kind of Merchants to receive payments from all Payment Gateways into one platform.


We know each of your business is different, hence different kind of services we provide

AilePay Hosted

Easily create a payment link by adding product name and price for your products and send to your customers. They will see your logo, product name and price on the link and make the payment by choosing their desired Payment Channel.

AilePay Checkout

Easily integrate AilePay service on your Web or Mobile eCommerce websites and start receiving payments from any Payment Gateway available.

AilePay Pro

Get the power of Hosted or Checkout features with your own Merchant Account and start receiving payments directly to your account. Just set your Mechant API keys on our dashboard and you are good to go.


Be at the advantage of all available payment channels in Nepal and start receiving payments right away with our easy platform

Nationally and Internationally

Merchants can easily receive payments nationally and internationally via Local payment gateways and global Visa & Mastercard networks.

Dashboard Integration

Dashboard to see the real time statistics of all the successful payments and balance.

Payment Link

Option to create a payment link to send to customers or directly integrate with website and apps to quickly start receiving payments

Onetime Setup

Less hassle, no setup for individual payment gateways required and one setup works for all Payment Gateways

Payment Solutions

Use AilePay with ease no matter what kind of eCommerce you run. Be it virtual/downloadable products or physical products, be one step ahead in receiving payments.

Software or Downloadable Products

Provide software sales or services directly from our dashboard. Merchants can include downloadable products along with the product so that the users can directly get hands on the products after making the payment.

Physical Goods

Accept payments from all over Nepal for your physical goods so that you can deliver with more freedom.

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